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Introducing the healthiest water on the planet. It’s called Kangen Water.

The Kangen Water machine uses electrolysis to change the PH to a 9.5, turns the water into an antioxidant, and micro-clusters it to make it super hydrating.

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Wisconsin Strong is literally an effort that was years in the making. After his successful efforts vetting candidates during the 2010 election primaries through the Close 2 Home initiative, Joe began contemplating how to dispel the toxic myth plaguing modern day conservatism: the “I’m fiscally conservative, but socially liberal” canard. As the events surrounding the 2020 election unfolded, he accelerated his efforts to launch the organization.

Joe refers to this canard as a toxic myth because the fact is fiscal issues are social issues, which is to say moral issues or moral questions. And social issues are fiscal issues.

This is the basis of Wisconsin Strong’s slogan: Strong Values * Strong Families * Strong Economy…that’s Wisconsin Strong. For our Republic to rebuild and thrive requires a strong public morality (strong values), which helps foster strong, intact families. A society with strong public morality and strong, prosperous, intact families will lead to a thriving, sustainable economy and then everyone wins.