CALL TO ACTION: Call Vos, Steffen & Your WI State Representative Requesting the Passage of AR 18 to Impeach Meagan Wolfe

CALL TO ACTION: Call Vos, Steffen & Your WI State Representative Requesting the Passage of AR 18 to Impeach Meagan Wolfe


Ronald Reagan famously said: “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

State Rep. Janel Brandtjen introduced Assembly Resolution 18 (AR 18) to impeach Meagan Wolfe, the crooked administrator of the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC). Her demonstrable corruption makes her unfit for the position at any time, but especially as we are barreling towards what might be the most important presidential election of our lifetime.

Inexplicably, Speaker Robin Vos, Rep. Dave Steffen, chair of the Assembly’s government accountability and oversight committee and many other Republican members of the assembly are not just ignoring this golden opportunity to clean up our elections, but are actively working to block AR 18’s passage.

Because leadership refuses to see the light, we need your help to bring the heat.

Please call Speaker Robin Vos, Rep. Dave Steffen and your Wisconsin state representative every day until they agree to bring AR 18 to a floor vote, which should easily pass the state assembly given its near super majority of Republicans. Then it will be sent to the state senate where Senate President Kapenga has stated publicly they will finish the job and remove Meagan Wolfe. Also, please recruit 4-5 of your friends to call each day and ask them to each recruit 4-5 friends to call each day…bring the HEAT.

You can find the contact information for any member of the state legislature here:

ROBIN VOS, SPEAKER: (608) 237-9163
DAVE STEFFEN, CHAIR, COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY & OVERSIGHT: (608) 237-9104 **UPDATE: Dave is now co-sponsoring the bill. Call him to give him an “atta boy,” but also be sure to encourage Dave to use his leadership role, influence and position to bring AR 18 to a floor vote immediately. Tell him, it’s a great first step, now complete the journey.

Get your state representative’s contact info here:

Politely but firmly demand that they bring AR 18 to a floor date and pass it before they take their election year recess schedule for sometime as early as mid-February 2024. Let them know if they fail to do their job, they could face consequences including potential primary challenges.

They are offering flimsy excuses instead of action. Those excuses include, but sadly, are not limited to:

  • EXCUSE: The courts are preventing us from impeaching! FALSE
    REALITY: The courts have no say in impeachment, it is tool reserved only for the legislature. The courts have no oversight function in an impeachment.
  • EXCUSE: If we remove Wolfe, Gov. Evers will just appoint another corrupt liberal! FALSE
    REALITY: The governor has no say in the nomination process. That is the sole purview of the Joint Committee on Legislative Organization (JCLO) to nominate and that is squarely under the control of the Republican majority. And confirmation comes from the supermajority in state senate.
  • EXCUSE: They don’t have enough votes to pass AR 18. FALSE
    REALITY: The assembly has a near supermajority of Republicans, so how in the world could such a no-brainer resolution lack proper support? It appears the only reason it lacks the needed support in the assembly is because Vos and his minions have actively strong-armed the Republican caucus into that position.
  • EXCUSE: We don’t have time to pass AR 18, we need to focus on fighting the terrible maps decision from the Wisconsin Supreme Court. FALSE.
    REALITY: Indeed Republicans need to fight the outrageous, purely political and likely unconstitutional maps decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, but that doesn’t mean other work cannot also be done.

    In fact, on the first legislative day of the new session they had time to entertain a number of items including honoring a previous member of the assembly. If they can take time for such trivial matters, in comparison to protecting safe, free and fair elections, then surely they have time to address ensuring Wisconsin elections have a fair, unbiased administrator of integrity.

    This assembly is good enough, smart enough and more than capable of the proverbial walking and chewing gum at the same time.