FEBRUARY PRIMARY 2023 VOTER GUIDE: Regular Joe’s Picks for the February 21st Primary Election

FEBRUARY PRIMARY 2023 VOTER GUIDE: Regular Joe’s Picks for the February 21st Primary Election

Wisconsin Supreme Court
Jennifer Dorow
Daniel KellyEndorsed by REGULAR JOE
Everett Mitchell
Janet Protasiewicz
Wisconsin Intermediate Appellate Court Elections
William Brash (Nonpartisan)
Sara Geenan (Nonpartisan)
Wisconsin State Senate – District 8 – Special Election
Janel Brandtjen (R) – Endorsed by REGULAR JOE
Dan Knodl (R)
Van Mobley (R)
Jodi Habush Sinykin (D)
City of Green Bay-Mayoral
Chad WeiningerEndorsed by REGULAR JOE
Eric Genrich
Paul Boucher
Jane Juza  
De Pere School Board
Jeff Dickert (Nonpartisan)
Wolf Hindrichs (Nonpartisan)
Mike LaBouve’ (Nonpartisan)– Endorsed by REGULAR JOE
Mark Meneau (Nonpartisan)
Melissa Niffenegger (Nonpartisan)– Endorsed by REGULAR JOE


for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice
Daniel Kelly is everything conservatives would want in a Supreme Court justice. A demonstrably consistent Constitutionalist with a passion for upholding the proper role of the judiciary. Further, his work in the private sector defining the checks and balances between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government have been so groundbreaking that they are quickly becoming archetypal at the state government level. Perhaps most importantly, Justice Kelly has something no other candidate in the race has: an unblemished record writing and/or concurring with key decisions as a member of the high court.

for Wisconsin’s 8th District State Senator
Janel Brandtjen has been a fearless defender of the rule of law, election integrity and conservative principles as a member of the State Assembly. It is this fearlessness and dedication to truth that has made her the top target of the Madison swamp dwellers—both Democrat and Republican. As Wisconsin’s next 8th district state senator, Janel will be a true servant of her constituents and continue to be a leading voice for conservatism. We need her courage and tenacity, and more like her, in our state senate.

for Mayor of Green Bay, Wisconsin
Chad Weininger is the right choice for Green Bay’s next mayor. He has a long history of service to the city and surrounding county and has a plan to help revitalize our state’s third largest city. The incumbent—the corrupt, invisible Mayor Eric Genrich—has been an unmitigated disaster for Green Bay. His unabashed partisan political approach to everything has left the city in disarray, including the latest revelation that he’s been secretly recording private conversations. Green Bay deserves a mayor who will be accountable to its people and will operate in their best interest. Chad will be that leader.

Madison Common Council
District 1
John Duncan*  
District 2
Juliana Bennett (i) 
Colin Barushok 
Evan McSorley 
District 3
Derek Field 
Stephanie Salas 
Matt Van Eperen 
District 4
Michael Verveer (i)
Samantha Givich 
Maxwell Laubenstein 
District 5
Regina Vidaver* (i)
District 6
Davy Mayer* 
Marsha Rummel* 
District 7
Nasra Wehelie* (i)
District 8
Charlie Fahey* 
MGR Govindarajan* 
District 9
Nikki Conklin (i)
Anthony Nino Amato 
Paul Skidmore 
District 10
Sheri Carter (i)
Yannette Figueroa Cole (i)
Diego Colorado 
District 11
Bill Tishler* (i)
District 12
Blake Alvarenga  
Amani Latimer Burris 
Julia Matthews 
Victor Toniolo  
Josh Walling  
District 13
Tag Evers* (i)
District 14
Isadore Knox Jr. 
Noah Lieberman 
Katherine Pedracine  
District 15
Brad Hinkfuss* 
Dina Nina Martinez-Rutherford* 
District 16
Jael Currie* (i)
Kim Richman* 
District 17
Sabrina Madison* (i)
District 18
Charles Myadze* (i)
Michelle Ellinger Linley* 
District 19
John Guequierre* 
Kristen Slack*
District 20
 Barbara Harrington-McKinney (i)
Matt Phair (i)
Sammy Khilji 
Aslam Rakhangi 
Milwaukee Common Council
District 1
Zandra Bailey (Nonpartisan)
David Bowen (Nonpartisan)
Marshall Martin (Nonpartisan)
Andrea Pratt (Nonpartisan)
Vincent G. Toney (Nonpartisan)
District 5
 Ray Banks (Nonpartisan)
Joe Fisch (Nonpartisan)
Annette Jackson (Nonpartisan)
Jeff Spence (Nonpartisan)
P. Thomas Thadison III (Nonpartisan)
Lamont Westmoreland (Nonpartisan)
Bruce Winter (Nonpartisan)
District 9
Odell Ball (Nonpartisan)
Amber Danyus (Nonpartisan)
Russell Goodwin (Nonpartisan)
Walt Love (Nonpartisan)
Cherie Ray (Nonpartisan)
Donna Ross (Nonpartisan)
Larresa Taylor (Nonpartisan)
Jasmine Tyler (Nonpartisan)