EDITOR’S NOTE: Only those specifically notated have received Regular Joe’s endorsement. All other races are just a listing of the Republican candidates running in the primary.

Attorney General: Daniel Cameron

Secretary of State: Michael Adams

State Auditor: Mike Harmon

State Treasurer: Allison Ball

Agriculture Commissioner: Ryan Quarles

Senator: Rand Paul ~Endorsed by Regular Joe

U.S. House :
District 1: James Comer Jr.  (i) ~Endorsed by Regular Joe~
District 2: Brett Guthrie  (i)
District 3: Stuart Ray  
District 4: Thomas Massie (i)
District 5: Hal Rogers  (i)
District 6: Andy Barr  (i)

State House of Representatives:

District 1Steven Rudy (i)
District 2Richard Heath (i)

District 3Randy Bridges (i)
District 4D. Wade Williams

District 5Mary Imes (i)
District 6Chris Freeland (i)
District 7Suzanne Miles (i)
District 8Walker Thomas (i)
District 9Myron Dossett (i)
District 10Josh Calloway (i)
District 11Jonathan Dixon (i)
District 12Jim Gooch Jr. (i)
District 13D.J. Johnson (i)  
District 14Scott Lewis (i)
District 15Rebecca Raymer
District 16Jason Petrie (i)
District 17Robert Duvall
District 18Samara Heavrin (i)
District 19Michael Meredith (i)
District 20Kevin Jackson
District 21Amy Neighbors
District 22Shawn McPherson (i)
District 23Steve Riley (i)
District 24Brandon Reed (i)
District 25Steve Bratcher
District 26Russell Webber (i)
District 27Nancy Tate (i)
District 28Jared Bauman
District 29Kevin Bratcher (i)
District 30No Republican candidate.
District 31Susan Tyler Witten
District 32No Republican candidate.
District 33Jason Michael Nemes (i)
District 34No Republican candidate.
District 35No Republican candidate.
District 36John Hodgson  
District 37Emily Callaway  
District 38Charles Breitenbach
District 39Matt Lockett (i)
District 40No Republican candidate.
District 41Carrie Sanders McKeehan  
District 42No Republican candidate.
District 43No Republican candidate.
District 44No Republican candidate.
District 45Killian Timoney (i)
District 46Ginny Mulvey-Woolridge
District 47Felicia Rabourn (i)
District 48Ken Fleming (i)
District 49Thomas Huff (i)
District 50Candy Massaroni
District 51Michael Pollock (i)
District 52Ken Upchurch (i)
District 53James A. Tipton (i)
District 54Daniel Elliott (i)
District 55Kim King (i)
District 56Daniel Fister (i)
District 57Gary Stratton
District 58Jennifer Decker (i)
District 59David Osborne (i)
District 60Marianne Proctor  
District 61Savannah Maddox (i)
District 62Phillip Pratt (i)
District 63Kimberly Banta (i)
District 64Kimberly Poore Moser (i)
District 65Stephanie A. Dietz
District 66Steve Rawlings
District 67Jerry Gearding
District 68Mike Clines
District 69Steven Doan  
District 70William Lawrence (i)
District 71Josh Bray (i)
District 72Matthew Koch (i)
District 73Ryan Dotson (i)
District 74David Hale (i)
District 75No Republican candidate.
District 76No Republican candidate.
District 77Terry Cunningham  
District 78Mark Hart (i)
District 79No Republican candidate.
District 80David Meade (i)
District 81Deanna Frazier (i)
District 82Nick Wilson
District 83Joshua Branscum (i)
District 84Chris Fugate (i)
District 85Shane Baker (i)
District 86Tom Smith (i)
District 87Adam Bowling (i)
District 88Jim Coleman
District 89Timmy Truett (i)
District 90Derek Lewis (i)
District 91Billy Wesley (i)
District 92John Blanton (i)
District 93Kyle Whalen
District 94Jacob Justice  
District 95Brandon Spencer
District 96Patrick Flannery (i)
District 97Bobby McCool (i)
District 98Danny Bentley (i)
District 99Richard White (i)
District 100Scott Sharp (i)

State Senate:

District 2Danny Carroll (i)
District 4Robby Mills (i)
District 6Lindsey Tichenor  
District 8Gary Boswell
District 10Matthew Deneen
District 12Amanda Bledsoe
District 14Jimmy Higdon (i)
District 16Max Wise (i)
District 18No Republican candidate.
District 20Gex Williams  
District 22Donald Douglas (i)
District 24Shelley Funke Frommeyer
District 26James Peden
District 28Ralph Alvarado (i)
District 30Brandon Smith (i)
District 32Mike Wilson (i)
District 34Jared Carpenter (i)
District 36Julie Raque Adams (i)
District 38Mike Nemes (i)