EDITOR’S NOTE: Only those specifically notated have received Regular Joe’s endorsement. All other races are just a listing of the Republican candidates running in the primary.

Governor: Kari Lake ~Endorsed by Regular Joe~
Lieutenant Governor: Abraham Hamadeh
Secretary of State: Mark Finchem
Attorney General: Abraham Hamadeh

US Senate: Blake Masters ~Endorsed by Regular Joe~

US Congress
House 1: David Schweikert
House 2: Eli Crane 
House 3: Jeffrey Zink 
House 4: Kelly Cooper 
House 5: Andy Biggs
House 6: Juan Ciscomani  
House 7: Luis Pozzolo
House 8: Debbie Lesko
House 9: Paul Gosar  (i)

State Senate :
District 1: Ken Bennett
District 2: Steve Kaiser
District 3: John Kavanagh
District 4: Nancy K. Barto 
District 5: Jeff Silvey
District 6: Write in-Richard King 
District 7: Wendy Rogers
District 8: Roxana Holzapfel
District 9: Robert Scantlebury
District 10: David Farnsworth
District 11: Maryn Brannies
District 12: David Richardson
District 13: J.D. Mesnard (i)
District 14: Warren Petersen (i)
District 15: Jake Hoffman
District 16: T.J. Shope (i)
District 17: Justine Wadsack
District 18: Stan Caine
District 19: David Gowan (i)
District 20: No Republican candidate.
District 21: Jim Cleveland
District 22: Ryan Benson (Write-in)
Jeffrey Norwood (Write-in)
Steven Robinson (Write-in)  
Richard Weed (Write-in)
District 23: Gary Snyder
District 24: No Republican candidate.
District 25: Sine Kerr (i)
District 26: No Republican candidate.
District 27: Anthony Kern
District 28: Frank Carroll
District 29: Janae Shamp
District 30: Sonny Borrelli (i)

State House of Representatives (2 seats each)
District 1: Quang Nguyen (i)
Selina Bliss
District 2:
Justin Wilmeth (i)  
Christian Lama
District 3: Joseph Chaplik (i)
Alexander Kolodin
District 4: Matt Gress
Maria Syms
District 5: Jennifer Treadwell  
District 6: No Republican candidate.
District 7: David Cook (i)
David Marshall
District 8: Caden Darrow
Bill Loughrige
District 9: Mary Ann Mendoza
Kathy Pearce
District 10: Justin Heap
Barbara Parker
District 11: Tatiana Peña
District 12:
James Chaston
Terry Roe
District 13: Liz Harris
Julie Willoughby
District 14: Travis Grantham (i)
Laurin Hendrix
District 15: Neal Carter (i)
Jacqueline Parker (i)
District 16: Teresa Martinez (i)
Rob Hudelson
District 17:
Rachel Jones
Cory McGarr
District 18: Linda Evans
District 19: Lupe Diaz (i)

Gail Griffin (i)
District 20: No Republican candidates.
District 21: Damien Kennedy
Deborah McEwen
District 22: Roberto Escobedo (Write-in)
Jeannette Garcia (Write-in)
District 23: Michele Pena
District 24: No Republican candidates.
District 25: Tim Dunn (i)
Michael Carbone
District 26: No Republican candidates.
District 27: Kevin Payne (
Ben Toma (i)
District 28: Beverly Pingerelli (i)
David Livingston
District 29: Steve Montenegro
Austin Smith
District 30: Leo Biasiucci (i)
John Gillette